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Description of the Book:


Here are poems that pause to re-examine the mundane : of awe and wonder, pain and anger, love and healing, acceptance and longing, as you take a leap with the everyday experiences, and yet stay grounded in the familiar. At the heart of this short collection, is the emotional specificity of the encounter, briefly catching the fleeting, evanescent experience that is fulfilling at times, but also re-negotiates with the past as it gravitates towards the present. It is in the celebrated and the mourned, common things of everyday sprinkles its dust on our lives, and we are never the same. Where does it begin, but ‘at the pearl hour’, when life is still slowing down, an era of rest that can be blissful or painful, and yet you don’t stop spreading the fragrance.

At the Pearl Hour

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  • Author Name: Neethu Chandra
    About the Author: 
    A researcher by degree, and a poet by accident, Neethu started writing poetry as part of her daily journals a decade ago. Today, she is an independent researcher, blogger and a mental health advocate. She is a writer by day and reader by night. Prior to this, she was trying to excel at academics, and later found her calling in social science research. In a dynamic change of life events, she got back into doing what she likes the most, writing. 'At the Pearl Hour’ is her debut collection of selected poems. Her poems are also part of upcoming poetry anthologies. She is mostly inspired by the not so bad things about life, little joys of the mundane and mystery of the infinity. When she is not writing, you can find her chilling on the terrace at twilight, travelling, nudging her spouse to bake more cakes, admiring cats, and relaxing on the yoga mat.


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