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Description of the Book :


This collection of poetry exists at intersection of affable creativity and laughable time management. As I reminisce on an early elementary poetry lesson about writing rhyming couplets, I accept the challenge of compiling "At Least 42 Lines", a collection of 21 poems (or something like that) that will be published after a twenty-one day deadline that I initially paid money to adhere to so that I would finally have something published to point at. Some may describe an anthology like this as "everything but the kitchen sink". Others may describe it as lazy. My hope is that something about it leads us all to hunger for more.

At Least 42 Lines

  • Author's Name : Tania Guruwatte
    About the Author : Tania Guruwatte is a Sri Lankan American writer from a small beach town on Florida's east coast, now residing in Nashville, Tennessee. She's been exploring the world through words since she was a young girl, reading and writing to express and imagine her reality. She still credits the work of Shel Silverstein as her greatest influence and aspires to publish children’s literature that will inspire future generations of writers.
    Book ISBN : 9798432356246
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