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Description of the Book:


Well, for all the heart-wrenched readers out there, here is a compilation straight from Noel's heart, combined with his okay-ish intellectual brain, as Maths definitely ain't his cup of tea - creative professions like this are.

Deep down - We all want the little things in life daily more than the big achievements - a hand to hold onto, a shoulder to cry on, a loved partner to kiss at the end of the day, and support during our toughest times. These 21 pieces of writing are exactly about the human feelings of emotion, their depths, and the heaviness that one feels during those moments.

Encapsulating all of it - he gives an experience to dive in. Have a read today!

Much Love ;)

Ashes, & The Subsequent Rebirth

SKU: 9789360949105
  • Author's Name: Noel Pereira

    About the Author: Well, the child Noel was never aware that he would one day be writing, and have an opportunity to put out his heart side out there in the world. Being an Automobile Journalist, Graphologist and a Professional Writer - this is him putting out the colours of his writer hand out into the world. Enjoy, as this is the start of the journey! IG - @thenoelpereira ;)
    Book ISBN: 9789360949105
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