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Description of the Book:

"If everything was to be true, then I'm nothing but a God. A mortal God." Coronavirus has been around for a couple of years now and as everyone in this family struggles to get their life back on track, the son finds it the most difficult. He is overpowered by his thoughts, mostly negative and self-deprecating, only to realise that all of them were nothing but the dark side of his brains being manipulated by the effects that COVID has had on this world and his loved ones. He finds it difficult to concentrate on his job and fears losing it every day. He lives in terror of losing his parents or siblings to the deadly virus and visualises how he could do nothing but just watch them, losing them in just a blink of an eye. But all of this gets serious when one day his father suffers an internal brain haemorrhage and is rushed to the hospital. He blames himself for his father's critical condition. But wait for a second, why is this non-living thing speaking?! How does this ordinary human suddenly have godlike powers? How is he going to use them? Will he exploit them or use them for a good cause? And, is he a 'God' if he is mortal?


  • Author's Name: Jagrit Soin
    About the Author: Jagrit Soin, a teenager just about to step out of his teens, is a student who is currently completing his bachelor's degree in Commerce (Hons.) from Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Management Studies. Apart from his studies, he is a freelance content writer and is trying to understand the concept of Digital Marketing as it seems fascinating to him. When he was just 14, to escape a punishment when he had to recite a poem at school which he forgot to learn, he made one on the spot and recited it, thus escaping the punishment. On that day he learned about his power of expressing himself without even saying a word. Since then, he has never looked back and is getting better and better. Jagrit is the one who thinks before he acts but lacks this certain trait when he is angry or sad and thus makes some decisions which he later regrets. Although this book is an act of fiction, it somewhat reflects his personality of making the wrong decisions at the wrong time and later regretting all of them. Only if he had some superpowers, this habit of rushing his thoughts would come to an end. But, is it so that extreme powers make life better? Asclepius: The Mortal God is Jagrit’s first book and he looks forward to publishing more of them. By making the readers indulge in deep thoughts and rhymes is what gives him pure satisfaction and he wants to satisfy the readers with his words as well.


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