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Description of the Book:


From budding love to heart breaks, a writers feelings for the art to the sounds of clock. My collection of rhyming words as poems about all things mundane and all feelings paced with some hints of nature and self care just in case. Hoping to inspire you and strike debates happy reading to all let’s open the page.

As Random As it Gets

SKU: 9789363312241
  • Author's Name: Jessica K Chowdhaary

    About the Author: Jessica K Chowdhaary born and raised in Kolkata graduated from Herefordshire, England derives inspiration from the mundane things in life and poetic philosophies for her pieces. She started writing songs and inspirational quotes in 2016 which later turned into poems and rhyming lessons on life showcasing her vast observations gathered through her walks of life. Jessica believes writing is an art meant to stir emotions and hopes her work moves readers to feel something profound or just left inspired.
    Book ISBN: 9789363312241
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