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Description of the Book:

Life is like a ocean filled with feelings that goes on flowing for ever and ever. It is filled with existence, experiences, hope, survival, happiness, love and sorrows. Just like fishes in the ocean, there are innumerable feelings in one's life. But none of the feeling is constant. They are subjective and lingering. It's just you who could find yourself the feeling, purpose and meaning to your life.

ARSH: The Brightness of Feelings

  • Author's Name: Radhika Jaju
    About the Author: Radhika Lahoti Jaju, born and brought up in a Marwari family, residing in Narayanpet, a small town in Telangana. After completing her schooling from the town, she moved to Hyderabad for higher studies. She studied Masters in Business Administration from a reputed institute, Hyderabad After achieving the MBA degree, she got married to Rohit Jaju, a jeweller from Hyderabad. Presently, Radhika is a post graduated housewife, aspiring to become a writer, aiming to reach the hearts of people by uncovering the words to discover the hidden stories of their lives.
    Book ISBN: 9781370503964


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