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Description of the Book:

A collection of short poems that might not follow a prose style structure but a continuity of philosophical questioning as well as direct questioning directed towards the reader. It invites the reader to a journey of deconstruction and introspective inquiry. It is a sojourn amidst the questions that make us feel alive and part of a larger canvas, it might ignite hope or perhaps inspire the reader to assess the place from where hope and home are accessible.
It could also be considered poems that are quite dark but the motivation is illumination instead of Darkness.

Are we ever home?

SKU: 9787661367727
  • Author Name: Mridul Surbhi
    About the Author: Mridul Surbhi is pursuing her Doctorate in medical anthropology. She hails from Himachal Pradesh and spends most of her time with animals, books, mountains and deducing the meaning of life. Her writing attempts to decipher the grey area between the tangible and nontangible. She has a great affiliation towards all sorts of paradoxes.
    Book ISBN: 9787661367727


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