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Description of the Book :


Go on a mini odyssey with this book through various Grecian myths and legends about powerful Gods and heroes. Apollo’s Playbook is a collection of poetry aimed at those who love stories and mythologies and would love to discover more of it. This book combines ancient themes and archetypes with modern day issues and experiences. It alternates between retelling old myths and poems inspired by these timeless stories. Go on a trek along the river Styx with Orpheus and Eurydice, defy Demeter with Persephone, find Atlas’ strength in yourself, run for your freedom with Atalanta, and punish Narcissus as the Goddess of retribution.

Apollo's Playbook

  • Author's Name :  Tessa van Vliet
    About the Author :  Tessa van Vliet was born under a Dutch Tuesday moon in the 90s and grew up in Oud-Beijerland learning to whistle the Adam’s Family theme. One day on a blue moon she’ll pack her bags and move to the Scottish Highlands to become a cryptid living in the woods. She teaches English to teens and tries to teach them to be kind and curious. She is on a mission to pet all the dogs in the world. Apollo’s Playbook is her first book, and she hopes Apollo won’t pull a ‘Cassandra of Troy’ on her. When not writing poetry Tessa writes on a story that seems to be never ending. She hopes you will enjoy this book as much as she enjoyed writing it.
    Book ISBN :  9781005513320
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