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Description of the book:

'Another Myth of Sisyphus' is a compilation of poems by Shraddhanvita written on ironies and oddities of life around the globe. These poems cover different aspects of human nature, beliefs, and existential crisis. There are many hidden layers in each poem that readers can understand as they traverse through the pages.

Another Myth of Sisyphus

SKU: 9788359127821
  • Author's Name: Shraddhanvita Tiwari
    About the Author: A firm believer of "a rolling stone does gather moss", Shraddhanvita is the author of 'Fireflies and Yama', her debut poetry collection and co-author of international bestseller anthology of poems 'Smitten - This is What Love Looks Like'. A bilingual poet, Shraddhanvita's poems have been featured in many national and international journals and magazines. She has won accolades like 'Gyan Ratna', 'Kalp Asia Award 2020', first prize in debate organized by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, and was the finalist of the 'Orange Flower Poetry Award 2020'.
    Book ISBN: 9788359127821


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