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Description of the Book:

Pravesh Jain, an establishing Entrepreneur, Writer, Director is presenting this Book Titled "And Life Happened- Love, Emotion, Regret, Mindset". He is fond of beautiful writings and short articles. This is what motivated him to portray his thoughts and opinions into something beautiful and meaningful that gave him wings to write down. The book is all about topics people used to avoid in earlier days but are becoming open now. The book briefly relates to your own experience and things you want to talk to someone about you, about your mental health, about feelings, about love, about people, about family, about life.


  • Author's Name: Pravesh Jain
    About the Author: Pravesh Jain, an establishing Entrepreneur, Writer, Director. He grew up in small town & then shifted to a big city to pursue his life’s accomplishments. He completed his Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. He graduated with BBA-IB Degree. As for most he was struggling to find his purpose for life. In this journey of finding purpose he found many passions like Photography, Cinematography, Writing, Swimming, Events and many more. To get to know more about Author you can connect with him via Instagram ID- Princej646.
    Book ISBN: 9781005974442


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