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Description of the Book:


Clusters of words sealed with a wish they remind you where you are in daily life there is a wisdom in the ether holding, waiting, basking in the perfection that is you: watching with awe and anticipation for which bud’s blossom placed in your path will inspire you to move you onwards- to know more deeply the eternity of which you are a part. This is the first of three, an ‘until now’, leading to the second: inspired from travels around the world. Itself a segway to the third – the prose of a flurry of first love in finding a forever home. All an invitation to true friends old and new to share the sweetness of good company gathered around a table, and laughter at the plants I’ve squeezed in the Orangery.

Ancient Promises: Poems To Lift You Where You Are

  • Author Name: Indigo Waters
    About the Author: Indigo Waters is a soul with a love of Ujjayi breath, rose and violet creams, lithops, cacti and coasts. Inspired by Saints, sage sorts, the Himalayan foothills and woodland, she works under cover in an office moving words and sometimes numbers, in service of compassionate leadership.


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