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Description of the Book :


The mind is a wonderful, paradoxical thing. It plays games with us, brings us comfort, gives us company in darkness, has us trouble ourselves over minor inconveniences. The poetry in this collection follows that journey through light and darkness, the peculiarities and wonder of the mind. With poems ranging from sweet and romantic, to absurd and edgy, this book is a truly unsolicited look inside the mind.

An Unsolicited Look Inside My Mind

SKU: 9798201538521
  • Author's Name :  Grace Peters
    About the Author :  Grace Peters has been writing for as long as she can remember, starting with makeshift booklets based on the stories she’d consumed, to (badly) illustrated tales of mermaids and fairies. Her fascination with storytelling only continued to blossom as she tried her hand at novel writing in various genres, play writing, and poetry. Although this is her first published work, she hopes to become an accomplished author, spreading positive messages with her writing and inspiring others to follow their dreams. She is going to study English and Creative Writing at university in an effort to make this happen.
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