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Description of the book:

“An Odyssey in Grey” is an anthology of 20 poems that appeals to the part of our mind that loves to hear a story. In these poems, personal experiences, mythology and sometimes history, is intermingled to form an intricately delicate message that is sketched out using the aesthetics of words, with each poem tackling a different topic or rather, a different tale. As the distinction between black and white becomes blurrier with each passing day, this book attempts to point a lens at what it means to walk on the grey side of life.

An Odyssey In Grey

  • Author Name: AMAL KAMAL
    About the Author:  Amal Kamal was born in Calicut, Kerala in 1996. After graduating from T.K.M College of Engineering in Kerala, he spent two years (2019-2021) in London, pursuing his MBA from the University of Greenwich and graduated in 2021. Although he has been writing poems and essays since he was 16 years old, “An Odyssey in Grey” is his first ever published work. An avid blogger and an even bigger bibliophile, almost all of his free time is either spent writing or reading. Amal currently lives in Calicut with his father Kamal, his mother Sajitha, younger brother Adul and younger sister Amna.


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