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Description of the book:

The book is a collection of emotions I was able to capture in the form of poems, composed of collaboration between my writing skills that continues to remain in progress and my mind's ability to form a plot about almost everything that manages to hold my attention for enough time interval to get stuck in the loop of my racing thoughts. Be it people, situations or things.

An ode to emotions

  • Author Name: Khwab
    About the Author:  Hello everyone. I am khwab, the author of this book. I first wrote a poem when I was in 8th standard. It wasn't of course in the greatest form but it started my fondness towards writing and reading which led me to study literature as an educational degree. I have completed my graduation in English literature and I am currently pursuing my masters in the same course simultaneously struggling to become an independent adult in Indian society while these strong urges to pen down my thoughts shaped in any form of literature continues to bug me every now and then. Avoiding these thoughts are not an option for me because in the end I helplessly have to drop all the worldly important things out of frustration and satiate the writer in me for being able to do other things in peace. I am sharing the collection of my poems in this book for the first time officially, hoping for the readers to get what I felt while and before composing these. I use Instagram under the username " __khwab_ " people wanting a little more glimpses of my life and work can connect with me there.


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