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Description of the Book:


The first and foremost among the travails of those forced to wander is determining whether they have arrived at a pitstop or a potential home. It is a meandering train of thought that lends clarity whilst simultaneously muddying the same pond. Having been forced into that position, I have penned my observation of the mundane that flits through the daily chorus. This collection features a series of poems from the perspective of a traveller who has little choice but to celebrate the ordinary in order to discover the extraordinary.

An Observer’s Ledger - A Poetry Collection

SKU: 9789360943318
  • Author's Name: Anil Kumar Vinayak

    About the Author: Anil Kumar Vinayak is an engineer by training, researcher by disposition and poet by expression. Anil’s professional pursuits are as diverse as his poetry. His online presence is split between LinkedIn where he explores his professional interests and his Instagram page, VIN’s Scribbles, which acts as a portfolio for his creative activities.
    Book ISBN: 9789360943318
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