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Description of the Book:


To inspire, to heal,
to discover, to feel,
to empower, to deal.

A good book, is a true friend; and here I am to enlighten your day with my poems, so that we can connect together and grow. Here, I have expressed how I discovered myself through my journey of life, and how I took a peek into my soul, to know the real me, to learn about the real me. My goal is to make a difference, and I hope to make a difference to you, my dear friend. This books unravels the resilience I have adorned through my trauma in the form of an emotional journey.

An expedition of the soul: My journey to self discovery!

SKU: 9789358318708
  • Author's Name: Sweedel Nisha Dsa

    About the Author: Hello! I am a student and an explorer who is curious about life. An honest person, with an open heart. Being a writer; scribbling out poems, articles and stories which convey a beautiful message has been my favorite past-time. Along with this, singing has taught me how every note makes a difference, and that small changes create great results. Usually being the first one to go on the dias dor public speaking, to proposing my first toast at 16; managing events, team spirit and leadership qualities equal my A GAME! Fond of participating in quizzes, I have been into spelling bee, math, science and french olympiads at various levels. Being a psychophile who thinks positive affirmations are transformative, I will remind you that you are strong and beautiful, and can achieve everything you put your mind to. I wish for this book to inspire you to be hopeful in life.
    Book ISBN: 9789358318708
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