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Description of the Book:

"Nothing is permanent in this wicked world, not even our troubles."
Charlie Chaplin

Sometimes we tend to get in our heads; We're very confident about things until the anxiety kicks in. There's no need to worry; it happens to all of us. I believe that the journey from doubting yourself to being happy again is beautiful. Although, not always the easiest thing to shake off. This book contains some poems that I had written when I felt the lowest and some when I was the happiest. It's a compelling collection of the best moments of life. Let's do this together and be the best version of ourselves.

An Escape from Myself

  • Author Name: Divsheen Kaur
    About the Author: Divsheen Kaur is a young author born in Delhi, India, in 2008. As a person who has struggled with anxiety from a young age, she shares her experiences through poems. She loves music, art, and everything innovative. She's always down for adventures, traveling, new places, and what not. Divsheen believes that writing is something that can make the hardest journeys into the most beautiful destinations.
    Book ISBN: 9781005327767


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