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Description of the Book :


This collection of poems is a sincere illusory corridor, to finding a guardian angel within an empty wallpaper.
Twenty one screams and whispers from my nineteen year old soul.
Each piece has its own experience, indeed embracing, or perhaps, entrapping you in
the wounds,
the love,
the poisonous consequences of man,
and the grace of the world.

An embrace in the dark-lit room

  • Author's Name : Carlotta Midolo
    About the Author : Carlotta is an undergraduate university student, studying Hispanic Studies and Comparative Literature, born in Sicily, Italy. With an immense adoration for photography, writing and music, she hopes to, one day, encourage others, especially through her poetry, to find hidden beauty in the most mundane chaos that is the world around them and most importantly, themselves.
    Book ISBN : 9798428313734
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