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Description of the Book:


A walk through of my feelings
I don’t know, where it all begins
It’s all about love
Written for my beloved
People say, i can write a whole book
Woman of words, done it for real! Oh take a look
Words can’t describe how much I love you
You’re my favorite view
Read this book to know
It will take you to the ambivalence of apricity and snow
Trust me and take a look
You will be hooked
In the world full of chaos
At the end of the day, “Love Conquers All”

Amor Vincit Omnia “Love Conquers All”

SKU: 9789358313369
  • Author's Name: Ranjani Arul

    About the Author: It all began with being a literature student I wrote a book as a 17- year - old out of amusement Currently, doing my doctorate in education There’s nothing till now I’ve done, which deserves a celebration Sometimes i make YouTube videos, sometimes i write Sometimes I make music, sometimes I just sing right Trying my hardest To become an artist By collecting some memories To create a masterpiece If you want to know about my life, Read “where’m i ryte now” If you want to know about the love of my life, Read “Amor vincit omnia” Here you go, pretty much sums up Who’s “Ranjani Arul”, she calls herself as the CEO of Carefree club
    Book ISBN: 9789358313369
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