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Description of the Book :


A collection of 20 heart filled poems by a completely inexperienced 18 year old. Touching on topics like love, mental health, growing up, and a lot more.

Among Other Things

  • Author's Name : Brooke wheeler
    About the Author : Brooke Wheeler was born, raised and continues to live in Ontario Canada with her family, dog, and lizard. Brooke has just graduated highschool and intends to go to university but like most other young adults, has no real idea what they’ll be doing with their life. She can actually hardly believe that she has the opportunity to write this bio. In her free time she writes, maintains a ridiculous amount of art hobbies, and works on a small farm. She collects rocks, bugs and pretty much anything else she thinks is cool. When she's not doing one of those things you can find her running around in the woods or pestering her boyfriend.


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