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Description of the Book:

"Ambiguity" is the journey through the uncertainty of life with only a pen and paper to protect yourself. A combination of poems skilfully woven together to incapacitate the experiences of living with ill mental health. With brave vulnerability, "Ambiguity" shares raw insecurities, emotions, and desires of living in a world defined my mental confusion, and the joy of when rays of sunshine come through.


  • Author's Name: Jazz Frost
    About the Author: Jazz Frost is a young writer living in Launceston, Tasmania. When she was ten years old she wrote her first poem and has not stopped writing since (not even in her grade 10 science class). Jazz enjoys to write poems that evoke creative expression, and will often write about her ongoing battle with mental illness. When she isn't writing, she is curled up on the couch with her cat, crocheting, drinking tea, crafting, or playing video games with her friends. Jazz is currently studying at the University of Tasmania in a diploma of creative health and arts, and a degree of Psychological Sciences. She inspires to one day become a clinical mental health worker


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