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Description of the Book :


An amalgamation of diverse emotions – longing, hope, despair, regret, revenge...Am I Alone? is a fine bunch of verses that fall straight into the heart and arouse feelings at their zenith than ever before.

Am I Alone? - An Opera of Verse

  • Author's Name :  Hanna. P. A
    About the Author :  Hanna. P. A Hanna. P. A is a young writer from Kerala, India. She was born on 17 September 1999 in Kodungallur, a town near Thrissur District of Kerala. After her undergraduate degree in English Language and Literature from University of Calicut, she is currently pursuing her master’s in English and Comparative Literature at the department of Central University of Kerala. A voracious reader and ardent lover of literature, she writes poetry, essays and fiction on various subjects in both English and Malayalam.
    Book ISBN :  9780463736906
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