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Description of the Book:

This book ” Rhyming with divine and dark elements ” is an exaltation with contradiction. The author hunts down various paradigms existing in society from ancient to modern days in her poetical ways. In this journey, you will find all mythological gods, roots of rich Indian culture, drenched in glorious stories. The book unfolds the deepest loopholes in the character of immortals. Meanwhile, it skillfully blends all dark and doomed aspects of humans portraying their dynamic spirit. Some silent questions are raised in each excerpt and the rest is left for readers to perceive in their good judgement.

Allegories of an inky heart

  • Author Name:  Pragya Tiwari
    About the Author: A masters degree in biotechnology didn't seem enough for Pragya. With the release of her first book ’Resonating in a Paradox’ and the generous response she received from her readers. The author once again is all set to dive her readers into the wonderful world soaked in fantasy ink. The freedom she feels in holding a pen and crafting those words in her unique way. She wants to share the same emotional space with her lovely community of readers. This second book is solely dedicated to everyone who is a dreamer, believer and fighter to become an achiever.
    Book ISBN: 9789513868116


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