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Description of the Book:

'Allegories' is a collection of poems inspired by humanity. Just like us, these poems too have some hidden meanings, some deeper truths and their own uniqueness but they all very much fit in. Blending right doses of subtlety and crispiness, this book appreciates our diverse experiences, perceptions and outlook. The right capture of our eccentricities will try to reflect our standpoints. It also celebrates our connection with the nature and how we are intertwined. Poems in here are sometimes mellow and sometimes bitter. But with each pint, you would want more.


  • Author Name: Dumpala Abishek
    About the Author: Abishek is from Andhra's crown town of Srikakulam. He loves to code and write poetry. His favorite pastime while at home is to catch up with friends and head to the beaches nearby. He is currently working with ministry of defence, India. His other hobbies include listening to music and playing football. He is an avid reader of history and has a deep love for it. You may feel free to ping him at anytime.


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