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Description of the Book:

We all feel love, for the most part. It is the truest emotion we know. However, we don't all feel it the same way. Everyone feels a unique version of love. I am lucky enough to feel this version, my version. And pain, I wouldn't say I'm lucky to feel pain like I have, but some people go their whole lives without ever knowing this pain. What a dull life that must be. My pain has carved me and beat me down to almost nothing, and love has lifted me back up, all to shape who I am and who I will continue to become. This book, these poems. This is my love, my pain, and every emotion I know, all tied in a knot.

All Tied In A knot

  • Author's Name: Courtney Cox
    About the Author: Courtney is a young adult fiction writer. She currently lives in Sydney, Australia, where she was born and has lived her whole life surrounded by a big loving family. The middle child of divorced parents, Courtney has grown to be strong and loving despite the many kick-backs life has thrown her way. When she's not writing she's working in Customer Service or spending time gaming with her partner and friends. This is Courtney's debut as a published writer. Hopefully the first of many books to be published under Courtney's name.
    Book ISBN: 9787095423327


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