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Description of the Book:


All These Little Things' is a brief exploration of how things can be introspected from a different perspective. How these smallest details can hold the greatest significance. Enter a realm where every page unfurls a unique tapestry of feelings and musings. This book is a collection of poems on various topics ranging from love and loss to nature and nostalgia. Each verse is like a doorway to a different universe. Let the words lead you on a poetic journey of both the mind and heart.

All These Little Things

SKU: 9789363318533
  • Author's Name: kalp shah

    About the Author: Meet Kalp Shah, a multifaceted author whose journey through the corporate corridors is complemented by his passion for storytelling, nurtured since his formative years. Armed with an MBA from Bits Pilani, Shah's literary landscape is a vibrant tapestry of nature's hues, intricate emotions, and the profound depths of love. His verses serve as a beacon, illuminating the oft-overlooked facets of existence that evade our mundane gaze. With each poem, he masterfully personifies abstract concepts, weaving them into captivating narratives that offer readers a fresh lens through which to perceive the world. Among his literary endeavors stand two acclaimed works, 'Treasure of Emotions' and 'Mysteries, Moments, and the Moon', with this latest offering marking his third foray into the realm of published prose.
    Book ISBN: 9789363318533
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