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Description of the Book : 


So many unanswered questions. Too many words I could never say. Confusion and heart break, are the constant games they play. So I pour out my heart, on pages they’ll never read. Because just like me, these poems they’ll never see…

All the words left unsaid…

SKU: 9798433124059
  • Author's Name : Celeena Molina
    About the Author : "She’s fully aware that she’s differentToo nice for her own goodEasily taken advantage ofBecause her heart is pureShe believes in seeing the good in peopleEven when they haven’t been good to herShe believes in love, even though love has broken her so many times beforeShe believes in happily ever after even tho forever scares herShe believes in sacrificing her happiness to make others happyShe believes in giving multiple chances even when she only gets the oneShe know she deserves the world, but the world doesn’t feel the sameShe’s just an easy target to be walked onEasily fooled by those who know how to She’s just too damn good and yet she can’t see itShe blames herself for things that aren’t her faultShe doesn’t know how to give up even when all signs tell her tooShe overly judge-mental of her selfShe’s her own worst criticShe has a million different laughsShe’s cries at any given timeShe start dancing at the most random timesShe’ll forever keep your secretsShe’s a loner but also hates to be aloneShe can be overly affectionate or not at allShe’s beautiful and yet she can’t see that either…"
    Book ISBN : 9798433124059
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