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Description of the Book:


A collection of rhyme and poetry from the mind of JM Farrell in his observation of life, love, loss and all things weird that make you smile.

You are invited to enjoy an exploration into the mind of a Rhyme Lord.

ALL THE RHYME IN THE WORLD The Ramblings of a Rhyme Lord

SKU: 9789360940683
  • Author's Name: JM Farrell

    About the Author: JM Farrell is a widower who, when not travelling or spending time with friends and family, enjoys putting his thoughts in rhyme. From fun rhymes and religious rhymes to children’s stories, memories and rhymes of love and loss, he writes constantly. Born and raised at the seaside, JM draws inspiration from the location and visitors as well as family, friends and his faith. Occasions are celebrated with personal rhymes, often wild or wacky, but always full of love and the recipient’s character. Following the mantra that everything can be solved with a cup of tea, JM can be found with a cup whilst writing. Just don’t forget the sugar.
    Book ISBN: 9789360940683
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