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Description of the Book:


This book is about my journey to find love. A troubled childhood made my wish to have a family of my own stronger. In my search of finding love in somebody else, I learnt that we need to love ourselves first. When our heart is full of self-love; only then we can attract our truest destiny. Unhealthy attachment never benefits anyone. True love will never bind you in an unhealthy manner. It will liberate you from all pain. Being from a family of mediums, my interest in spirituality and metaphysics is strong. I hope every reader who picks my book will be inspired by it.

All About Love

  • Author Name: Neha Rautela
    About the Author: 
    I am a poet, singer, writer, illustrator and artist. I am a detached-healer . I love animals and wish to open a lot of NGOs for helping street dogs and bulls.


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