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Description of the Book:

If you relate to these poems in anyway, I am glad. If not, then there must be someone in your life who can. Share your voices and hearts, until we all are tangled enough into a single emotion. The more we can relate, the more we connect. The more we connect, the less painful it feels. Hope all distress fade away like the scars earned out of love, and let the love reside.


  • Author Name-DILHA SALEEM
    About the Author: The author is an Indian college student, with a lot of ideas and no fear to spill them. This is her first publication and an unexpected one at that. Brought up in the dreamy lands of the Sultanate of Oman, a place that wakes the imaginary eye of any lost girl, she adores peace and seeks unworldly chapters in her life. Art, script-writing, music, business, research, religious studies, psychology and poetry are just a few of her various other interests. Poems are a portal that opens when one has no physical means to escape. It's the escape designed by the mind, to tune out of the stress, anxiety, depression, and rush of mainstream dwelling and tune into a paradise created by fragments of peace and tranquility. This world that she manifested belongs to her, and her alone, where she can be anyone and anywhere. She is a dedicated research student, loves science, and loves god. She hates to blend into societal beliefs and speculation which says, "If you are religious, then you are not supposed to watch movies. If you are part of this century, then you ought to agree that there is no true love."She rather let her mind accept peace from wherever it originates, and stay true to the principles she grew up believing in.


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