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Description of the Book:


Let this book take you on a journey from the 'suddenly' of love at first sight to the truly, madly, deeply, of infatuation and on to the eternally of love that lasts beyond the end of life.Along the way taking in flirtation, passion, fury, betrayal & broken hearts. This book comprises of twenty poems Serving you every emotion may it be friendship or love, confusion or connection, promises or prayers, wholesome or incomplete .It will give you the feeling that being loved and being in love is extremely a blessing. This book will delight, comfort and inspire anyone who has ever tasted love-in any of its form.

Alfaaz Unplugged

  • Author's Name: Neha Jain
    About the Author: Neha Jain, a 21 year old is an aspiring author, born in Coimbatore and brought up in Chennai. she has done her graduation in Bachelor's of business administration from University of madras in the year 2020. she holds great interest in writing, photography and art. she considers her faith, family and her bestfriend to be most important to her. If she isn't spending time with her friends & family you can almost always find her dreaming. writing replaced her fascination with the outer world.when your heart feels heavy about emotions you can't handle or express you create magic with emotions and that's how she found her way towards poetry.
    Book ISBN: 9781005614515


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