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Description of the Book: 

This book is a powerful mix of love, introspection and innocence. It captures the moments of silence and lets them loose on the paper to shriek. You might end up with your reflection and admire your own beauty as if the person is someone else. It gives wings to your imagination, tosses you into air and yet keeps you grounded. Shower your love by reading the emotions inscribed on the paper.

Alfaaz, For Your Emotions!

SKU: 9789767584565
  • Author's Name: Anil Yadav
    About the Author: An Educator and a Photographer, Anil often writes about emotions that are going inside and outside his world. He loves to express the unexpressed. His write-ups resonated with many people that he shared on his Instagram Page, tasveer_e_jazbaat. Hence, he has come up with his first poetry collection, Alfaaz. I hope his work strikes a chord with you too, just like it did with so many others.
    Book ISBN: 9789767584565


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