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Description of the Book:

The book is titled "AISLING: MY DREAM the" its main origin is Gaelic meaning "Fantasy" or "Dream". the Irish word means ''dream" or "vision". It refers to an Aisling poetic genre, that developed in Irish poetry during 17 th and 18 th centuries.
This book contains a collection of poems with different themes. Just the scribbling. I penned my thoughts, with colourful, beautiful words.


    About the Author: The author BIBI KARUVATHOTTATHIL an aspiring writer. She pursuing her postgraduation degree in Counselling Psychology. She was born and brought up in Malappuram district, KERALA: THE GOD'S OWN COUNTRY. This is her third book. She took her first step in writing with her first book, "THE VIBES OF MIND A BUNCH OF POEMS" and the second book" "THE PURPLE SPARK". Both are a collection of poems.
    Book ISBN:  9785857923542


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