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Description of the Book:


"Air-fried emotions" is a heap of thoughts in words that were buried inside. It invites readers on an intimate journey through the depths of the human experience. Within its pages lie a collection of heartfelt poems that serve as windows into the author's soul, capturing the essence of a range of emotions.

It's a getaway for connecting, healing, and self-awareness. A trove of words that inspires you to acknowledge the long-forgotten thoughts. Proof that every feeling is worthy and every word has a right to be heard.

In this mercurial, up-tempo, and fragile world, "Air-fried emotions" let us sit back with our thoughts and look into ourselves.

Air-fried emotions

SKU: 9789360943394
  • Author's Name: R Meghana

    About the Author: Just another aspiring writer trying to put the thoughts in her head into words on her page—or not! Meghana is someone who is soul-searching. She is such a procrastinator and a sucker for books. She's you on a Monday morning, with a knack for writing!
    Book ISBN: 9789360943394
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