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Description of the Book :


"It is rare to find an inside view of clerical life in the 21st century. Starry-eyed and rather bland idealism, awkward dialogues with the modern world, fatigue, anger, comfort, and curiosity – a range of emotions come to the surface in this collection of poems.
Enchanting in its struggle with disenchantment, raw and honest in the manner of George Herbert, this rollercoaster of words may leave you wondering about the sequel."

After Phinehas

  • Author's Name : Eli Stok
    About the Author : Eli (1990) was born in the Netherlands, and was introduced to English poetry through the Lord of the Rings Plaza. In a previous life he studied philosophy, and wrote about memory in Wordsworth and Augustine, and about truth and disguise in Plato’s Republic. Eli likes to sing, and wishes he could dance.
    Book ISBN : 9798419189393
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