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Description of the Book:

Like millions of others when COVID-19 upended our lives, Elyse had to find something to turn towards for comfort, and that thing was writing. In her 30th year, the circumstances of a global pandemic forced her to confront parts of herself that she had never known, and poetry became her favorite way to process that journey of self-discovery. These poems are her stories of self-acceptance, growth and love, and a reflection on the power of connection.


  • Author's Name: Elyse Farwell
    About the Author: Elyse Farwell is currently a middle school Humanities teacher in San Diego. She has always had a love for stories and writing, using journaling and poetry as a form of self-expression for most of her life, and graduating with a BA in English Literature from Gonzaga University. She has been teaching writing to her students for over 10 years, but this book is the first professional step she is taking in her own writing career. Elyse spent too many years hiding herself from the world, overwhelmed with anxiety surrounding insecurities that she had been carrying, until very recently when she decided to confront them. Through both the introduction of therapy, and writing workshops with Rupi Kaur that she attended through Instagram during the pandemic, Elyse found her voice, and she has been building the person, the community, and the life that she has always dreamed of ever since.
    Book ISBN: 9788829441839


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