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To say that sexuality is a problem, as the sub-title of this book seems to suggest, is a mistake. It is an insult to Him who created, and made sexuality a component of the human race. The problem, rather, is human failure to comprehend and handle the issue befittingly. Although adolescents and young adults are not the only most vulnerable in this regard, they are the focus of this work. The disturbing observation is that, even families of Christians have not been spared from misdirected responses to the urges of sexuality, yet our Christian faith teaches broadly on the subject. Secular education does not fully, and accurately present God’s will on the matter. It is in this light that, parents and older family members are called upon to utilise the richness of Scriptures, and assume their role of educating their children about human sexuality. Since the task may be difficult for many parents to undertake on their own, the church is reminded that she has overall responsibility of training her adult members-parents- on how to accomplish this divinely given role. A number of sexuality-related issues, including homosexuality, virginity and secular sexuality education are addressed in this guide. Remember, all Scripture is given by inspiration of God for the purposes of teaching in all righteousness. It is hoped that this book will help build the confidence of adult members in the church and elsewhere, to encourage, and advise on the teaching of sexuality from a Biblical perspective.

Adult Christian Education

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