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Description of the Book :


Hello, my name is Daryl, and before you put this book down, just know that I know exactly what you're going through, because I'm living it right now. Let me explain.
As of writing this description, I am nineteen years old, attending college classes as a sophomore, and I have absolutely no idea how I got here. Or where I'm gonna end up. I have a very basic idea on the path I'm on, and that's all I can go off of right now.
I wrote these poems because I have nothing else to do, except work, sleep, homework, and have the occasional anxiety attack once in a while. I also wrote them to show all the other terrified teenagers and young adults that you're not alone, even though it REALLY feels like it sometimes. Don't worry, just kick back, throw some soothing library music and read some poems, I'll handle the rest.
If you made it to the end of this description, you're amazing. I didn't even do it. Enjoy my oddly written poems!

Across the sea: poems by a terrified young adult

  • Author's Name : Daryl Johnson Jr
    About the Author : Daryl Johnson Jr is an aspiring poet and novelist born and raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Daryl likes to play video games with friends, learning about history, plays guitar and writes in his free time. He is currently attending Western Michigan University in is hometown and is pursuing a creative writing major.
    Book ISBN : 9798417509346
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