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Description of the Book:

This collection is my first attempt to get my writings published. I've tried to express my thoughts and feelings about love and life itself in the form of poems. As this is my maiden attempt, everything I do is a learning for me. No matter how different our life stories might be but I hope when you read this collection, you will find it relatable as we all feel things the same way.

About Love And Other Things

  • Author Name: Hitesh Mann
    About the Author: Hi, my name is Hitesh Mann. I work at my day job and feel like everyone and everything around me has a story to tell. Like maximum of us, I've also been writing as a hobby for quite some time now. I started writing to understand and express my own feelings to myself. What started as a mean to understand myself turned into a hobby and passion. Feeling something and writing about it takes one to the places that makes one wonder about everything in life. I'm looking forward to those wonders. May God Bless us all.
    Book ISBN:  9788195011865


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