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Description of the Book:


Abominations of The Wilting Rose personifies anxiety, grief, and a cocktail of other negative emotions as monsters spilling from the mind of a Goddess. Through narrative prose poems Stephanie Rose Hold tells the story of The Goddess of Roses and Her failed attempt at ruling the known universe. Each piece describes the image of a monster or horrific incident across the cosmos in an attempt to paint a picture of a fantastical world on its last legs.

Abominations of The Wilting Rose

SKU: 9789360947262
  • Author's Name: Stephanie Rose Hold

    About the Author: Stephanie Rose Hold is a prose poet and aspiring author whose work can be found in Fifth Wheel Press’s “Dreamland” Anthology and Beyond Words Literary Magazine’s “My Greatest Fear” Anthology. She writes exploratory prose poems about herself, her observations of the world, and her experiences as a trans woman.
    Book ISBN: 9789360947262
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