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Description of the book

The book is a collection of poems written as an experiment. These include memories that rushed back while looking for inspiration at home. Each poem involves the intermingling of personal inspiration. The book includes poems of nature, life and lack of the same. It explores the relationship of the author with her memories, inspirations and art. The poems explore the author’s interaction with the space around her and how she exists in that space. It talks about her feelings and imaginations from the confinement of her room.

SOlitary art Studio

  • Aastha Shah
    Aastha is an artist and a design student. She hails from Bengaluru and is studying at Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar. Aastha is extremely passionate about art and has been doing so for the past twelve years. As someone who takes a lot of inspiration from nature, Aastha relates her life, nature and art with each other. You can also spot her practicing photography once in a while. Her favourite place is in the midst of nature, under the sky. She particularly enjoys spending time near water bodies and by bonfires. She loves spending time with her people. Music and books also play an important role in her life and have inspired her art.


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