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Description of the Book:

As life moves to become more and more uncertain the author finds solace in the valleys she’s created in her mind. Walking on dream-like landscapes, flying through outer space to swimming with the fishes deep under the sea, she leaps from one adventure to another, voyaging to Pandora and Proxima Centauri. Sometimes she derails and falls back into the laps of reality, where she witnesses the systems of the world crumbling to the ground. But for the most part, she manages to live in her version of Utopia – ruled by Yang with just a sliver of Yin

A World of What Ifs & But Isn't

  • Author Name: Tejaswi
    About the Author: 
    Tejaswi, a graduate of Mass Communication & Journalism, is a poet, writer and freelancer. She is currently working on the theme of creative writing, trying to pour life into her words. Having been a writer at heart since childhood, she’s written many pieces that have been saved only for the eyes of a few, in her Notes app. ‘A World of What Ifs & But Isn't’, is her first publication where she dabbles with travel, fantasy, outer space and everything that she’s been influenced by over the years. Besides writing, she is also passionate about travelling, holistic fitness and mental wellness. She is usually busy working on either of these. As she considers herself half-unicorn and half alien, she sometimes struggles to come to terms with and grasp ordinary and muggle ways of life. Thus, becoming a professional day dreamer You can find her at: Instagram: @teju_wanderer LinkedIn: | Tejaswi K |


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