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Description of the Book:


A Woman Worthy is a testimony to the author's struggles and triumphs as a young woman during the most trying time of her life. She invites you to witness her journey of self-discovery and self-love amidst the gifts and struggles that life bestows.

A Woman Worthy

SKU: 9789360946012
  • Author's Name: Aisha Arcangel

    About the Author: Aisha is a Brooklyn-born, Staten Island-raised New York City native who has loved to sing and write since she was a little girl, becoming involved in musical theater and writing for school publications throughout her early academic years. Aisha is an active member of her Catholic church community; she is a Lector, a Sister Columbiette, and sings in the choir. Although the magical world of Harry Potter was her first love, Aisha has spent the last decade enthralled by the scandalous Westerosi politics of Game of Thrones. Aisha currently works as an executive assistant for a housing non-profit organization and in her spare time, dabbles in makeup artistry, cooking, and video-gaming, sometimes opting to share her latest projects on social media. In her inaugural publication, Aisha writes of love, loss and self-discovery in the hopes that readers might find themselves too.
    Book ISBN: 9789360946012
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