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Description of the Book:

Life gives us experiences to think about. Yet, we do not ponder upon these thoughts, that can certainly influence our frame of mind. Experiences reflect nothing but the truth. A Wink At The Blind is a collection of 20 such experiences that have crossed your mind, and yet, you choose to ignore it.

A Wink At The Blind

  • Author Name: Dr. Balraj Shukla
    About the Author: Dr. Balraj Shukla is a Dentist, Percussionist and Writer who is currently pursuing his Masters in Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry. He has also done his graduation in Indian Classical Music with his focus instrument being the Tabla. An ardent reader of thriller and inspirational novels, Dr. Balraj has been a Sports Writer for Howdy Sports, The Bridge, Betting Dog and formerly for Flash Scores and iSport Genius. He is also a copywriter at the dental educational website 'DentaGama,' where he contributes to the News category. In "A Wink At The Blind", Dr. Balraj speaks his mind out in the form of poetry, narrating little experiences and thoughts that most people go through in their lifetime.
    Book ISBN: 9781005314088


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