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Description of the Book:

Written in response to a twenty day challenge, "A Windswept Melody" is a collection of poetry that explores the dichotomies of life. Through rhythm and rhyme, it opens with the joyful observations of companionship, only to be swept off to the wearisome nature of work, the hopeful return of springtime, and the exhilaration of a roller coaster. As the winds continue to blow, this collection is an invitation to cherish the simple moments in each day.

A Windswept Melody

  • Author Name: Julie Hladky
    About the Author: Julie Hladky lives in Edmonton with her husband, Stephen, and an affectionate, rambunctious tabby cat. She has more craft supplies than shelves, rides a motorcycle, and has a degree in Electrical Engineering. “A Windswept Melody” is her first publication.


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