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Description of the Book:

This poetry book contains thoughts and feelings which I would usually keep to myself. It deals with my most beautiful fantasy´s and dreams, my anxiety and mental illness, as well as with problems girls and women have to face. It is kind of like a diary in which I share my deepest feelings with you, so you may find yourself in some of my words and maybe feel less alone and more understood.

A Wild and Vivid Mind : Thoughts for you to connect, understand or neglect

  • Author Name: Rosali Tilla
    About the Author : Rosali Tilla is a young woman, who passionately dances, sings and plays theatre since she has been a little girl. Growing up with two performing artists as parents, Rosali fell in love with dancing at the age of six and has been committed to the performing arts since then. She graduated high school in 2021 and aims to study Musical Theatre in the following years. Besides her love for the performing arts, Rosali discovered her love for poetry in her teen years. She uses written and spoken word poetry as a tool to express and process her thoughts and emotions and to address topics she finds important.


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