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Description of the Book:

The book is the magical journey for all to hope in the darkest hours of their time. It is the best blunder of Expresso shots of life to every bumpy ride of life. I hope you enjoy the book with your friends family and loved ones to manage all your thoughts to create a light in everyone's life through your presence.

A Walk To My Roads: Let's Be Poetic In My Way

  • Author's Name: Krishna Janshali
    About the Author: The person who writes poems of good deeds to inspire others to NEVER GIVE UP on yourself. The person who spreads spark through its writings and try to make others smile in their never ending struggling part of life. The person who believe in choosing the kind over cruel to settle things at ease through their writings. A hope to start from scratch in making a change through one pen ❤
    Book ISBN: 9781005197506


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