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Description of the Book:


Sometimes when the reality becomes too harsh, Just slip into the books, escape this world and give life to your soul. These collection of poems are not mere words, these poems are emotions which are felt by the heart deep down. Through these poems you will experience the bitter-sweet vehemence of sentiments. These poems are bound to take you on the nuances of the unseen, unheard emotions of our heart.

A voyage through my heart

SKU: 9789360945275
  • Author's Name: Tanvi Jalnapurkar

    About the Author: Born in Malaysia and brought up in Maharashtra, Tanvi Jalnapurkar loves reading, writing and listening to music. Currently 16 years old, Tanvi is publishing her first poetry book. Her love for pets and animals is deeper than the pacific ocean. Aside writing poems, she enjoys watching movies(romance and thrillers), and playing video games with her younger brother. Join Tanvi in her first book journey, filled with emotions which you are bound to experience
    Book ISBN: 9789360945275
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