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Description of the Book:

Everyone has thoughts they've never said out loud before. Well, this book takes you on a journey inside the mind of an adult teenager. The author hooks you up to countless themes you may relate to, throughout the book. From poems about society and its standards to love and pain, this books offers a wide spectra of quality content. There's no way you want to miss out on deep, unsaid thoughts of a young adult!


SKU: 9783567315008
  • Author Name: Vandana Prabhu
    About the Author: "I'm Vandana Dayananda Prabhu, nineteen years old, living in Bengaluru. I've always been a fan of literature and in this book I've tried to pursue my hobby of writing poems. I've been trying my hands at poetry since school days but never did I think I would be writing my very first book of poems at 19. Neither am I a literature student, nor did I have any professional guidance throughout this journey of writing. All of these poems are extremely raw and honest from the perspective of a young adult. I hope you all like my work."
    Book ISBN: 9783567315008


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