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Description of the Book :


A a collection of poems inspired by the touch of the Holy Spirit. Each poem has a different title, but all poems are centered around faith. Katie draws upon some of her own experiences of grief, hardship and trials in order to relate to the reader. Additionally, Katie reflects on her relationship with God and explores the attributes of our Heavenly father. The poems in this book aim to touch the reader's soul and give them assurance that there is a Heavenly Father here to comfort us, strengthen us and give us peace.

A Touch of the Soul

  • Author's Name : Katie Baines
    About the Author : A Christian poet with a passion for language and linguistics. Katie felt touched by World Poetry Day in 2021, and was encouraged to write by a friend. Since then, she writes poems most days by asking God for inspiration. Her times of trials and the beauty of God's presence are depicted in her poems. She hopes to touch others with words and God’s love.
    Book ISBN : 9798439007554
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